About Us

Glacier Adventure Company is a team of professional tourism entrepreneurs, who are fully committed to helping each individual tourist enjoy their holiday in Nepal to fullest. Each member of the team is dedicated to ensuring your trip becomes a memorable and a lifetime experience. Our main concern is that each individual tourist (you might be the one) must be able to enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of tiny Nepal, yet amazingly diverse country.

We are so happy for being able to show that Nepal is one of the best destinations, not only for mountain lovers alone but also for everyone who likes to discover the natural diversity, cultural varieties, flora and fauna through various activities such as trekking, mountaineering, tour, rafting and other adventure sports. We have provided such services only mare in Nepal alone, but also in Tibet, Bhutan and in India, at an affordable cost.

We have well-experienced team members who have the thorough knowledge of geography, culture, history, biodiversity among others, who have been working in the field for long years. All members are well-trained and license holders to work in their fields of expertise. Our main objective is that we are existed just to impart an optimum satisfaction to those who come in our contact providing them with a high-quality service at affordable prices. We provide the best service with a blend of care and sincerity to make each of you feel at home so that you could enjoy your journey to Nepal.