Mountain Flight In Nepal

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Nepal is the home to the highest mountains in the world and many visitors come to Nepal to see them. However, everyone is not a trekker or a mountaineer. They do not have the time to walk in the mountains, so the main options for these visitors to explore the highest points on the earth. Mountain flight!

Mountain flight is one of the most exciting activities travelers can do in Nepal. Easily organize, Traveler watch eye-to-eye with Mt Everest, the world's highest peaks and Neighbor Mountains in Khumbu region.

Many visitors know mountain flights in Nepal means mountain flights  to Everest. If, you, not a climber, and to see closer to the Everest summits, best way to see  Mountain flights. The major domestic airlines operate mountain flights Early in the morning plane leaves from Kathmandu airport. Passenger takes an hour’s flight around the Everest region with eye-catching views of all the major peaks, glaciers and lakes. If the weather is not suitable you will be the option to fly again.

Visitors like small group mountain flight. They can charter helicopters and fly into the Everest Himalayan range. Take an hour tour around the Mt Everest or closer to summits than return to Kathmandu.

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