Responsible Tourism

We, the team of Glacier Adventure Company have always remained conscious and sensitive about the preservation of the environment and diverse culture and tradition of the country. We practice responsible eco-tourism which includes programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment and enhance the cultural integrity of local people. We promote recycling, energy efficiency, water reuse, the prevention of pollution as well as the creation of economic opportunities for local communities.

We aim at enabling local people to enjoy and learn about the natural, historical and cultural characteristics of unique environments while preserving the integrity of those sites and stimulating the economic development opportunities among local communities. We make attempts to promote the preservation of entire local ecosystems.

What we believe is that by fostering environmental awareness, both among locals and the visitors, as well as linking the tourism to the social and economic development, it is possible to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of an area and thereby the promotion of sustainable tourism.

Every team member of our company has been trained on the hazards faced by the environment. They have learned and adopted the practices for protection of the overall environment. Subsequently, the local people of different tourist areas have been provided the frequent training and workshops about environmental degradation in order to raise awareness among the locals, not only about environment degradation but also about the hazards of deforestation, sanitation, preservation of eco-system, maintaining of cleanliness and hygiene as well as specific measures have been taken for its protection.

We have been raising the basket fund from the amount of profits that our company earns by selling tour and trekking packages to guests, therefore, the fund is shared and invested for protection of degradation of environment and training to locals and for the benefit of local's livelihood, their empowerment and environmental conservation. Therefore why we believe is that we are doing responsible tourism.