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Nepal is officially the highest country on earth. It is also known as the “Roof of the world”. Mt Everest is the Main attraction in Nepal. Tourists gathering their droves to climb, trekking and admire the world tallest peak. This attractive country is much more than just mountains. It is also famous birthplace of  Buddha.  Nepal is a central pilgrimage site for Buddhists religion.  Who want to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Lumbini.  Hinduism also main religion in the country and there are many Hindu temples spread across the country.

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. This is surrounded by high hills.  A beautiful, busy city it stands at a cultural junction between India and China.  Which influences seen in the architecture and Newari foods.  Kathmandu is a main starting point for travelers for expedition, trekking, Peak climbing, Tour and Chitwan National Park. Which are famous for the  tigers, crocodiles and one-horned rhinos, different type’s species birds. Pokhara is the beautiful city in Nepal. The  Fewa Lake is another impression for tourists; this is also main trekking start point for Annapurna region.


Travelers can get a visa on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport. Your passport is need valid for at least 6 months and that you have one entire free page for your visa to be stamped in. Travelers  will find electronic terminals in the airport where you fill out a form and print out a ticket,  take this ticket with you to the payment counter. The payment counter accepts most major currencies.  After that you can proceed to immigration.  If you arrive at a land border, cash payment is  required in USD, so be sure to bring small bills.

Tourist visas can be obtained in 15, 30 or 90-day increments at a cost of $25, $40, or $100 USD respectively. You can extend a tourist visa out to 150 days, but traveler has to go to the immigration office before the expiry date.


Nepal is a safe country for travelers with and low rate of serious crime. However, you should take sensible safety measures, Watch out for pickpocket and bag-snatching, particularly in airports, on local buses and in areas popular with foreign nationals like famous place in Nepal. Take care when walking around at night. If possible do not stay late out of the Hotel. Do not carry your valuable things with you, Left in your hotel room.


Travelers can choose different kind of Hotel like luxury hotels, boutique hotels and budget hotels in main city areas in Nepal.  Many trekking routes in Nepal are teahouses that provide a warm bed, a bathroom. Hotels in Nepal economically  highly affordable but travelers can choose luxury hotels, which are even not too costly.


Nepal is an extremely cheap country for food. Nepal’s most popular food is Dal Bhat, but city area travelers can get other foods like continental, Italian, Mexican, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Thai,  Korean and  Japanese. Out of city area someplace impossible to get different country foods, only can get local foods. In many tourist areas, most restaurants add two additional charges on top of your bill. A 10% service charge and a 13% VAT. This information is written at the bottom of the menu.


Nepal is a small country, but big on travel time. Don’t be decide, when looking at the relatively short distance between two points on a map of Nepal and imagine it should take “a couple of hours”. Kathmandu valley and main city area roads are good, but it is not western countries. Mountain and Hills area roads are rough, your journey difficult, but if you like adventure can be funny.
Bus, car, and plane travel are the only options within Nepal.


Nepal offers Expedition, Trekking, Tours, Peak climbing, Bird watching, Rafting, Kayaking, Canoeing, Bungee jumping, Sky diving, Mountain flights, Mountaineering, Paragliding, and Mountain biking along with various cultural activities which are as diverse as the peoples and cultures in Nepal.


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