Everest base camp trekking and how to avoid high altitude sickness!

05 May, 2021 Glacier Adventure Company

Everest base camp trekking and how to avoid high altitude sickness!

Mt. Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Many adventure lovers defiantly want to see their eyes once in a lifetime.  Khumbu valley is a famous place and it is no 1 snow cover place in Asia. Trekkers see many over 8 thousand mountains within a short time. Trekkers can see only snow-covered peaks, it’s like a mountain cave. Everest base camp trekking not only mountains, but trekkers can also enjoy the green pine forest, waterfalls, rivers, and the long history of Sherpa culture.  This trekking is a life-changing experience for many adventure lovers. This is very famous and difficult trekking. Many adventure lovers reach Everest base camp and summit every year. The main concern for many trekkers in Everest base camp trekking high altitude problem and how to adjust in thin air.

After 3500m, it is possible to get high altitude sickness anywhere in the Himalayas, but if trekkers follow the rules can avoid it. The major symptoms of high altitude sickness are headache, nausea, loss of hunger, difficult breath, low energy, rapid pulse, difficulty sleeping, and extreme dehydration. If trekkers saw these symptoms on trekking. Please immediately get medical help.

Trekkers follow the correct precautions, when Everest Base Camp trekking, can succeed without a problem. Here some tips on how to avoid high altitude sickness.

1. Mentally Prepared (Be Strong)!

Many people are daunted when heard Mt Everest. We are the decade of experience team. We saw many trekkers sick because they are mentally not prepared. They are worried about trips and they cannot sleep during the night. You are weak if cannot sleep in the high Himalayas. Therefore be confident, avoid negative thinking enjoy the mountain scenery with Everest. Be positive and always thinking I will be in Everest base camp.

2. Slow and steady win the race (Ascend Slowly)!

Everest base camp trekking starts from Lukla at 2850m. Kathmandu's height is only 1300m. When trekkers reach Lukla sometimes can be difficult. Do not ascend faster. Please follow the itinerary. Our body needs time to adjust  thin air, the low level of oxygen. If you are walking fast, this can also become the major factor get high altitude sickness.

3. Follow proper Acclimatization!

We are the decade of an experienced team and we make Everest base camp trekking itinerary with acclimatization days. Do not focus on rest days only on acclimatization days. Namche Bazaar and Dingboche have acclimatization days. Practice stays thin air. Both day trekkers can do side trips. Every day on trekking follow rules go high and sleep lower place.

4. Drink enough water!

Drink enough water, Carry a water bottle with you at all times. You can use public restrooms on the trail. Some people said it very difficult to drink enough water in the mountain. Do note that. You can use different flavors tang, and you can drink enough water.

5. Eat well and plenty of food cuts the meat!

Eat fresh vegetable item food when you can! Pick healthier options when dining out.  Choose a vegetarian dish with salad balance your meal. Everest base camp trekking is a high mountain area; local people only grow some green vegetables and potatoes.  Many people follow the Buddhist religion, they do not kill animals. They bring meat from down the place so that meat is not fresh.

6.  Avoid Alcohol

Many trekkers think they are away from work and want to enjoy alcoholic drinks on trekking. Alcohol disrupts your sleep and makes you weak. Some trekkers sick because of alcoholic drinks so that we suggest you do not drink alcohol until you reach Everest base camp. When finished, your trek you can drink.

7. Sleep enough time!

The most important thing about trekking you need to good sleep. If you cannot sleep, you are very week and can’t walk. Your body needs rest when long walk in the mountain, crossing time zones, carrying luggage to and from destinations, walking all day, Trekking is harsh on your body so make sure you get plenty of rest. How much is enough? Listen to your body, do not stay a long time after dinner, go to bed relaxed, and enough sleep. Follow rules early go to bed and early wake-up. We suggest you do not sleep during the day if you are free.

8. Take Diamox to deal with the high altitude!

Everest base camp trekking is the difficult one. The highest point is kalapather 5555m. Every trekker worried how to manage the reaction to high altitude sickness. We recommend you take Diamox after Namche.
Diamox can reduce the symptoms of high altitude sickness. . Take Diamox, walking slowly and everything should be excellent.


Now a day’s Everest base camp trekking more develop than a pastime. Trekkers can eat different kinds of various foods, but this all foods brought from the city. It can be difficult to eat a healthy balanced meal with all the essential vitamins in the high Himalayas when trekking so take your daily multi-vitamins to supplement your meals.


Every trekker can do breathing exercises anywhere and anytime. Take a deep breath, hold it, and breathe out. Repeat and Repeat. It helps you relax and counter the stress of walking. You get low oxygen on the mountain so that take a few days' rest for adjusting to thin air.




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