Everest base camp trekking in monsoon season – Be smart and stay dry!

14 Apr, 2021 Glacier Adventure Company

Everest base camp trekking in monsoon season – Be smart and stay dry!

 Many trekkers want to see Mt Everest with their own eyes once in a lifetime. Everest base camp trekking in the Khumbu Himalayas is a life-changing experience for many trekkers. The main tourism seasons in Everest base camp trekking are autumn (September to November) and spring (March to May) In that time weather is warm, generally clear sky best for outdoor activities, rest of the year is off season. The Everest base camp trek is the monsoon period, which runs from June to August. I can’t say the monsoon season trekking is the best time of the year for amazing mountain views also the common problem is Lukla to Kathmandu flight delay. The Khumbu weather is unpredictable changes. Extra days are most important at the end of the treks to get international flights. During the monsoon period, there is still excellent trekking, trekkers can enjoy nature with fewer crowds, no need to worry about lodges and hotels. There are plenty of other reasons to go Everest base camp trekking: walk around green scenery with wildflowers, clean air, varied landscapes, beautiful waterfall, and enjoy with local culture. All of these experiences achieved on a monsoon season Everest base camp trekking.  The rain doesn’t go all day.  It only rains a couple of hours in the afternoon so that start walking early in the morning. The Khumbu area is also a high-altitude region. Trekkers do not feel the monsoon at all. Trekkers might be surprised by all the benefits to do Everest base camp trekking these times of the year.

Wondering what you need to prepare yourself for the rain,
Monsoon travel packing list

  1. Raincoat (Good quality)
  2.  Rain Cover or Bag Cover (Good Quality) waterproof
  3.  Umbrella (Folding)
  4.   Headlamp
  5.  Drybag (Plastic bag)
  6.  Waterproof case (Electricity Item)
  7.  Antibiotic cream, Spray (Mosquito and Leeches)
  8.  Travel clothesline (you can hang your cloth room)
  9.  Waterproof hiking boots and high hiking socks
  10. Hiking boots (waterproof)
  11.  Hiking socks
  12.  Shoe fresheners  
  13.  Book (You’re interested)
  14.  Game (Playing cards)


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