Question and Answered about Everest Base camp Trekking!

31 Mar, 2021 Glacier Adventure Company

Question and Answered about Everest Base camp Trekking!

You are considering journey to Everest base camp trekking. This famous trek is once in a lifetime for many adventure lovers and can be both memorable and challenging experience. Standing at the base of Khumbu Himalayan range is breathtaking. Travelers will see majestic Mount Everest soaring above you full of beauty against blue sky. Explore Sherpa culture and famous khumbu ice fall. Our guide has been many times Everest base camp. Glacier Adventure Company expect this topic help planning process enjoyable trek to Everest base camp

How difficult is the Everest base camp trek?

Many trekkers  as daunting as the name(Mt Everest)  hear sounds, The Everest base camp trekking is not a difficult most the trek over 6 thousand meters but if comparison with low label treks it is quiet difficult. The trek starts from Lukla (2850m). The trek requires no mountaineering skills and technical experience. It is basically long walk at altitude.

 How long Everest Base Camp trek itself?

This trekking total length is (130m). The distance seems quite long but can consider that a typical guided treks. Trekkers walk only 9 days out of the 12 trekking time. Each day the trekkers walking 15km (average) SLOW DOWN YOUR PACE, Trekkers will trekking on rocky and sometimes snowy landscape (Depending altitude and season)

How many acclimatization days need?

We put 2 acclimatization days in our itinerary. One is Namche bazaar and another is Dingboche.  The Acclimatization days are most important adjusting thin air. Both days trekkers walk around neighbor village.

How Much Does It Cost Trek to Everest Base Camp?

The cost (price) for Everest Base camp trekking is never the same. It all depends on what you are look for or what kind of facility includes in the whole Packages.

Do I need to get permits?

Yes, trekkers need permit and tims. Both included with full price. We provide you.

 What Kind Of Foods available   in the Everest base cam trekking?

 Everest base camp trekking area is more development than past times.  This trek is the remotest part of Khumbu region so that do not accept very high. Travelers can get tasty and hygienic food every Guest house. Every guest house has a Menu. They provide food according traveler choices like Nepali foods, Indian foods, Chinese foods, Pizza and local Sherpa foods. When you are in high altitude level food taste not same as city area.  Namche bazaar is a main junction in Everest base camp trekking. Trekkers can get better foods than others place. 

Drinking Water during the Trek, It is Safe?

On the trail Everest base camp trekking; there are two types of water you can drink. All streams start from Glaciers. Trekkers can drink this water, but you need to use water purification. Another is can drink Mineral water. We advise you do not drink directly streams or tap water.

 Is there Wi-Fi facility?

Most of the Guest house has a Wi-Fi facility but you need to pay extra money.

Possible charges our electronic item during the trekking?

Trekkers can charge electronic item during the trekking in guest house but they charge you extra money.

When Is the Best Time for Everest Base trekking?

If you want to Everest base camp trekking in the Khumbu region and thinking when is best time. We can say September to November and March to May then the critical issue in planning when to trek is the monsoon period which runs from June to August. During the monsoon period there is still excellent trekking as these largely lie in a rain shadow. However, you need to be ready for serious rain; generally this is confined to shorter storms in the afternoon. The period around Christmas and New Year is cold but with good thermals this can be a great time to trek as the trails are much quieter.

How long can I expect to hike a day?

The altitude limits your daily hiking distance. It is depends on your speed.  Each day trekkers walk 5 to 6 hours, 15km average.

Which is the highest altitude of this trek?

Everest base camp located (5355m) but This trek highest point is kalapather(5555m)

Is there ATM facility or we bring cash?

There are ATM facility Lukla and Namche but sometime is not working properly. We advice you bring cash.

Do you accept visa / Master card?

Glacier Adventure company accept visa and master card.

What are the chances of altitude sickness?

Everest base camp trekking start from Lukla, Which stands 2850m and continue way up to highest point kala pather 5555m. Altitude sickness is the most challenging part to the trek and it is more difficult then you accept of the same length. You need take care when you are trekking.

Your company guide speaks well English?

Our guide speaks well English. They have gov. license and first aid training. You need another language guide, also available.

What gear should I bring?

Having the right kind of gear is very essential for any adventure activity especially for Everest base cam trekking. This will not only keep you safe from the bad weather conditions in the mountains but also add to your much needed confidence while trekking. You can find details packing list in our Everest base camp trekking page.

How warm a sleeping bag do I need?

Trekkers can bring (-10) sleeping bag .If you want to use extra blankets guest provide. If you do not bring we provide sleeping bag and down Jacket.

The Flight Kathmandu to Lukla to Kathmandu Delayed or Cancelled?

We try to best ensure your trips goes smoothly as possible but Lukla airport is no 4 difficult airports in the world. The Himalayan weather is unpredictable change. Flight delay is common. Prepare ahead time for delays, Bring book, some playing cards, snacks and other comforts to make your time less stressful.

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