My own experience Everest base camp trekking – A Personal story from the Himalayas!

08 Apr, 2021 Glacier Adventure Company

My own experience Everest base camp trekking – A Personal story from the Himalayas!

Everybody Wants to see Mt Everest with their own eyes is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Trekking in the Himalayas was a life-changing experience for me. My first Everest base camp trekking is from Jiri in 1999 as a Porter. I remember nowadays I was so excited and nervous. I was excited because I can see Mt Everest from eyes, the first time.  I am nervous, I heard this trek is very difficult, and Khumbu valley No one snow cover place in Asia. Everest expedition first-team Tensing and Hillary uses the same route. At that time I am young and I am so lucky first time I start Everest base camp trekking from Jiri. I spend a long time before Namche bazaar and very comfortable adjust thin air high Himalayas.

 I never have been to the eastern part of Nepal trekking and the first time I have been to that height Everest base camp (5355m) and Kalapather (5555m). My first Everest base camp trekking is with an American couple. It was my first longest trek.  This is my favorite trek so that Everest base camp holds a special place in my heart. I have been to Everest base camp 25 times. It does not really matter if I do it the first time or for the tenth time, it is never the same. I can always find something new, something different, and very difficult to adjust to thin air in the high Himalayas. I always can learn new things about the Place, its people, food, and also about myself. I would do it again in my life. I have been to other trekking routes like Khumbu Region, Annapurna Region, Langtang Region, Manaslu Region, Upper mustang, and many others Place. I learn how to work in the tourism sector. I am very lucky to work tourism sector because I met 20 countries people. I started my job in 1998 and continue to 2011. I worked for different trekking companies in Thamel after that I started my own company in 2011 (Glacier Adventure Company Pvt Ltd).

Staying safe at altitude is key to the high Himalayas. Many times I was fit and healthy when I did Everest base camp trekking but one time (2006) I had a high altitude problem in my 20 years of experience. (My client and I both had a high altitude problem). I did this time trekking with American journalists and the itinerary did not follow high altitude rules. This is his tailor-made itinerary. Life can sometimes like that. The movement I think I had the worst day ever. The key is not except tomorrow worst or better. AMS is a risk for any trekking above 3000m.  I always take the recommended acclimatization days and follow the high-altitude rules. I follow the limit rate of altitude gain per day. Try to go high altitude and sleep low altitude so that I have an excellent Everest base camp trekking experience in my life.

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