I am working 20 years tourism sector in Nepal – what did tourism teach me?

01 Jun, 2017 Glacier Adventure Company

I am working 20 years tourism sector in Nepal – what did tourism teach me?

It is my 20 years to work tourism sector and I am celebrating one more anniversary. Twenty years before today I was start job. I am so happy to find job tourism sector in Nepal because if I work another sector I can’t travel but in this sector, I find a job together I visited 40 districts in the northern part of Nepal. I lead more than 30 countries people.

There are many people, who asked me, how come I don’t get bored of traveling Job. After all, there is nothing really new to me, nothing new to surprises me but they could not be more wrong. It does not really matter if I do the first time or for the tenth times, it is never the same. I can always find something new, something different. I always can learn new things about the Place, their people, food and also about myself.

Tourism makes me richer and looking back to my 20 years of traveling, here is what I have learned.


I can remember, I was really shy, when I was starting to work. I did not talk much and whenever I could, I rather hide myself than talked to people and made new friends. I think my first big break to be more self-confident was to work. I could not hide anymore… I needed to talk to people and find my way around. I guess I was becoming more and more self-confident with each trip I did.

Language skills

Before I work tourism sector my English language is very poor because English is not our mother language. Now a day I can conservation every one. Also, I was always interest learning different languages and so far I had been learning many languages. Honestly, I can’t speak any really well, except maybe English, but just knowing few basic words can open you numerous doors and hearts of foreign people.


I learned how to adjust new situations. We might be having a plan, but believe me, not all goes according to it. Like an accident. Having issue with client health, waiting flight and every different trips I met new people. They have different sense and different activities but any new situations I can adjust.


Oh yes if you are not work any sector if you are not patient. That goes especially for travelling sector; need face many different countries people. It is hard to me at the beginning but at the end these kind of behavior can truly be rewarding.

Note: I started my own business 6 years before glacier adventure company Pvt Ltd. www.glacieradventurecompany.com

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