World highest Mountain Everest View: Beats beaches each day!

15 Jun, 2017 Glacier Adventure Company

World highest Mountain Everest View: Beats beaches each day!

People thinking beaches the best holidays but the beach is simply not interesting enough for holidays. At the same time, some of the world's highest trekking is more accessible than ever. Compare two together, now a day’s people looking for a really exciting challenging adventure. When it comes to trekking adventure, Trek to Everest base camp, Peak climbing or hiking to the Gokyo Ri simply do not get any better. Actually, we asked Client what would be on their bucket list for trekking, Peak climbing, and adventure activities.

Why do people think they are so adventures? Well, first is the fact that although they are massive challenges they are doable by most keen weekend walkers. You don't need climbing skill and you don't need to be super fit. What you do need is plenty of stamina and bucket loads of determination. With that and a little planning, you could find yourself standing on the Roof of Nepal, looking out across the Khumbu glacier at Everest base camp walking through the incredible. Second is that you can do all of them in manageable amounts of time: Everest base camp just 16 days at the same time, if you have extra5 days can do Gokyo lake trekking also. So whichever appeals your standard annual holiday power is plenty. And third, they request across all age groups and interests. So whether it is single travelers, groups of friends, company teams, University group or families they can all take on and enjoy these challenges and succeed.

So whatever your reason for looking for a trekking adventure, we are here to help. Our friendly expert team always loves to talk to people about their plans and work with them to create that dream trip. So don’t delays contact us today?

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