Nepal is safe for solo female traveler?

11 Aug, 2017 Glacier Adventure Company

Nepal is safe for solo female traveler?

Nepal is the most beautiful part of the world with magnificent snow-peaked Himalayas and quaint thousand-year-old villages provide the backdrop for unforgettable experiences. When 1950 Tensing and Hillary was success climbed Mt Everest until today many tourists visit in Nepal and good news to visit solo female traveler also. Do not have any problem with their holidays.

Nepal is normally considered a safe country for solo female travelers, much more than another many neighbor countries in the world. Do not hear news serious crimes against women Nepal tourism history. On the trail, many solo female travelers trekking alone or with the guide. Keep few things in mind while you are here and you will be surely safe. Bad idea travel night time and also late in the night even on the cities or in the mountains. Return to your hotel or guest houses on time. Use a fine accommodation place. Do not always look for very cheap hotels. Use reputed hotels though you do not need to look for luxurious ones.

Some cases of tourists missing on the trekking areas of Nepal as far as all those missing tourists were solo travelers. Use Nepali staff for trekking. Really not that much money for a western people and you give someone job. If your holidays want safety then choose a good company. Nepal does not have many cases of rapes, murders or tortures with tourists.

Solo female traveling alone is perfectly safe in Nepal. Local people are very friendly and many of them speak English. They are very friendly towards women. Traveling alone should be possible in the city without any harassment or difficulty. Please, Use dress properly at all times, long skirt, loose shirts. An appropriate dressing helps break down cultural barriers.

Glacier Adventure Company has knowledgeable field staff. They are honest and never involved in illegal behavior. Nepal government teach guide license to detect such case. Feel safe with us.

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