Traveling in Nepal

10 Sep, 2018 Glacier Adventure Company

Traveling in Nepal

Traveling in Nepal by yourself or join the local company!

Different people have a different Interest,  Some want expedition or adventure trekking, some love makes holidays on the beach, some are visiting the only city, Some people do not want to travel only watch TV, Some read book, Some people don’t come close to people but some prefer self-organize trip.  Different kind of people has a different interest all over the world.  Both option you do traveling by yourself or join the local company, advantages, and disadvantages so that make a decision by yourself.

Traveling with Local Company……………………………..!

More advantages of traveling with the local company might be for some actually is disadvantages but the fact is that local company organized traveling is less stressful. Doesn’t need to worries about what to do, what kind of scene to see, what to eat, where to spend a night, all these already being organized by company’s guide. You completely relax during traveling. Your guide manages everything. If something goes wrong, you can just turn on your traveling guide. If you traveling with a professional travel agent will be richer when you back home. Your traveling guide has full knowledge of the visited region.  When you join the local company, this complete service is of course not freedom that’s why the majority of organized travels. More expensive than travel by yourself.  If you can afford them enjoy it.  You join local company tourist safety and satisfaction their paramount concern.

Traveling by yourself………………………………..!

 Well if you travel by yourself, it is free. Nothing can bit your own schedule during traveling.  Even if you make a rough plan before you leave home. You can adjust during traveling around according to expectations. You can adjust your travel style what you want – from low budget to luxurious.
It is really great things traveling by yourself; you have freedom with time and dates, arrival and departure. You can pack your gear and leaves whenever suits for you but be aware that traveling by your self is not holidays. You will have used your brain the entire time, planning, find the trail, one location to another location, ask local people, bargaining for the price...Etc but if you enjoy your own freedom and schedule. This is another bonus traveling by yourself.

Note: It is really doesn’t matter. What kind of plan you choose- Traveling by yourself or join the local company. You are only one boss and only you know. Which plan suitable for you?  If you are not physically fit do not travel yourself.   You read traveling book before making a decision but the only goal is when you traveling and come back house full of unforgettable memories in your life. Travel agency does this.  It is your money, your life, and your decision, so make the memorable one. 

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