Drinking Water and Foods on the Everest base camp trekking!

21 Mar, 2019 Glacier Adventure Company

Drinking Water and Foods on the Everest base camp trekking!

Mt Everest is the tallest mountain in the world and Everest base camp trekking is one of the well-known treks in the world. Most of the travelers come to this trek for a lifetime experience. When planning the next vacation to Everest base camp trekking, it is most important for travelers need to know, what kind of food and water available along the Everest base camp trail. Now a day’s Everest base camp trekking areas more develop than in past times. Travelers can get hygienic food along the trail.

Everest base camp trekking starting point (Lukla) 2850m. All rivers in this area start from Glacier. Trekkers can drink glacier water. There is two type water you can drink. If you want to drink tap or river water, you need to use water purification or another is you can drink Mineral water. Remember do not drink directly river or tap water.

What type of food serves on the Everest trail Guesthouse!
Now a day’s Everest base camp trail more developed than in past times.  This trek is the remotest part of the Khumbu region so that does not accept very high. Travelers can get tasty and hygienic food in every Guesthouse. Every guest house has a Menu. They provide food according to traveler choices like Nepali foods, Indian foods, Chinese foods, Pizza, and local Sherpa foods. When you are in high altitude level food taste not same as city area.  Namche Bazaar is the main junction in Everest base camp trekking. The traveler can get better foods than others place.  

Possible to eat meat!
It is possible to eat meat at Guest House on the trails, but travelers can’t get fresh meat.   Sherpa people live in this area. They follow the Buddhist religion. According to the Buddhist religion prohibits the slaughtering of animals. All meat brings from below Lukla or Kathmandu. The freshness cannot be guaranteed. Glacier adventure recommends staying away from meat products.

How fresh food they provide!
Khumbu region locates a remote part of the Himalayas in Nepal. These areas only grow Potato, Seasonable green vegetables, and buckwheat. All other food brought from Kathmandu or another city area. A common question among trekkers how fresh food we eat? Believe they never provide date expired foods. Always talk with your guides about food. Guesthouse tries to serve better foods.

Possible Eggs, Fish and Fruit!
Everest base camp trekking is the remotest part of the Khumbu region in the Himalayas. Every Guest house can find eggs Item but traveler can’t get fresh fish and fruit. Only travelers can get (can fruit and fish) these all foods brought from the city area.

Seafood is very uncommon on the trail and it’s not hard to see why! If you’re lucky, your tea house will provide the option of a cooked breakfast with eggs and hash browns, but this can’t be guaranteed. Porridge, cereal, and toast are the most reliable members of the breakfast menu.

Fruit does not grow at such extreme altitudes so you won’t find much in the fresh fruit bowl. More common are vegetables, with the majority of dishes in the tea houses actually being vegetarian. That being said, the variety of vegetables is not world-class – lentils and green veggies like spinach are common.




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